On our way home from visiting my mom in North Carolina last month, I picked up Barbara Kingsolver’s “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.” The book is about her family’s attempt to truly eat locally for an entire year. They plant extensive gardens, raise chickens and turkeys, and rely on nearby farmers for their beef, dairy, etc. Everything must be local, which means if they’re craving berries in November, it’s not gonna happen (unless they pull out some of the jam they made the summer before.) Anyway, I’m about halfway through the book which she breaks out by month to track their progress – and I’m a total convert. Conveniently, I’m in the early July section, which is the peak of bounty. It’s got me salivating and makes me wanna pull on some overalls, get outside and plant rows of tomatoes and onions and carrots and cucumbers. There’s even a spot where the previous owners of our house had their own vegetable garden (more on that later). Then I’d whip up some fancy frittata and Anuj and I would enjoy our very own bounty with a glass of (yes, local) wine. Is it gonna happen? No. Not this summer, at least. It’s too late to undertake a vegetable garden, and we’re not there enough to water and weed, etc. Maybe this will change. In the meantime, we’ll be seeking out local farmer’s markets – this weekend we’re planning a Fourth of July feast, so I think we’ll try the one in Lenox. I will report back on what we find. Anyone else have a vegetable garden? If so, what’s it bringing you right now?