Along with the horrible linen-closet-cabinet thing outside the upstairs bathroom, there was something else in the house Anuj and I knew had to go. This:

I know, there’s a lot of things wrong with this picture. But draw your attention to the wallpaper. How could anyone look at this for longer than five minutes and not run screaming into the wilderness? Let me show you from another perspective just to be sure we’re in agreement:


We were convinced the previous owners never used this bathroom – maybe they never even saw this bathroom. That was the only explanation for this crime. You want more? No? Well, I’m gonna give it to you anyway.

So while my Dad was installing that interior window back in January, I was ripping this stuff down (that’s the beginning of my work above).


I’m told taking wallpaper down can be horrific: soaking, scraping, etc., But this stuff came off like wrapping paper. It was all gone in about twenty minutes.

Now that we could handle standing in the room, we moved on to the most equally fun and torturous decorating decision there is: choosing a paint color. I tend to agonize for weeks over paint colors. Paint chips and magazines pile up on the coffee table, bedside table and floor. Five or six chips are taped to the walls. Two or three samples are painted onto the walls. In the bathroom, I ended up going with my default: green. In my opinion, green solves everything. Even the wrong green is somehow…right. What do you think?

(Yes, that is a plunger next to our toilet. It was left by the previous owners. I swear.)