Last Saturday Anuj and I decided to take our first swim in our town’s tiny, reputedly crystal-clean lake: Queechy Lake. To get to the beach requires some searching. Since January, we’ve driven on the lake road a dozen times and could not figure out where the beach was. You have to find the barely marked sign, pull your car over to the side of the road (having other cars there helps), walk through some wild flower bushes and follow a grass path through the woods.

Once you arrive – a small bit of heaven awaits.

We haven’t worked our way out to the floating dock yet.

When we got home, we went to the backyard to pick some raspberries. Oh – I didn’t mention we have raspberry bushes? We have raspberry bushes. And blueberry bushes. This discovery came a few weeks ago as we were walking around the backyard trying to figure out what the heck all these bushes were.

Since the first asparagus pushed its head out of our un-tended garden back in March, Anuj and I have been doing a lot of head-scratching. Asparagus? A perennial? (Barbara Kingsolver recently confirmed this). Then came the flowers and bushes: peonies (our wedding flower), lilies, roses, magnolia, and a lot of other beautiful specimen that we have relied on friends and family to identify (rhododendron).

We don’t have much of a green thumb, yet somehow Anuj and I inherited a beautifully landscaped yard. The fact that we even had gardens was sort of an afterthought (we bought the house in the dead of winter).

I’m afraid to say our efforts at managing the landscaping consist of simply…admiring the landscaping. With a little bit of weeding on the side.

But last week, we were going to maximize our appreciation of the gardens – by eating some it. So we picked raspberries after our swim in Queechy Lake. We’ll have to wait another week or so for the blueberries to be ready. I’m thinking blueberry crisp?

While the peonies are all gone for the summer – we’ve got some other beauties parked in the front yard:

No comments on how overgrown and/or unmanicured it all may be. We’re going to pretend it’s the way we like it.