Apparently Anuj’s computer dying two weeks ago was some kind of harbinger of more ill to come: this morning, we woke up to this.  We don’t know what’s going to happen; we’re doing our best to just take it hour by hour.  When Bear Sterns crashed this spring, I started reading up on the whole financial crisis, but I didn’t get very far.  It’s all too confusing, and impenetrable – I need a dictionary that doesn’t exist just to get through a single article.  Anuj assures me it’s tough for people in the industry to follow, too. 

And now the crisis is at our door.  I’m reading like crazy in the hopes that understanding the situation will help manage, or direct, my emotions.  This is not the place I’d write about this stuff, but it has raised questions for us about Emergency Plans.  As homeowners (especially second homeowners), it’s imperative to have one: if we lost our jobs, how long could we survive?  What would our financial gameplan be?  We’re fortunate that we don’t have children, and that we’re still young, but it doesn’t reduce the importance of ensuring that our little two-person unit is taken care of.

There could be a big fat silver lining out of this…in the meantime, we’ll be putting together our Emergency Plan, just in case.