Two weeks ago, Anuj and I visited Art Omi in Ghent and took a walk through their sculpture park. The property is vast – they have approximately 400 acres – 100 of which include a selection of large-scale sculptures. We were there on a brilliant, sunny afternoon just as the leaves were beginning to change. The new Visitor Center opened a few months ago, and was the highlight of our visit. This LEED-certified building designed by FT Architecture (featured in October’s Chatham Press) is gorgeous. We loved the use of natural materials, the walls of glass that brought in the surrounding hills, and the elegant lines of the center. Apparently the husband and wife team that make up FT live on the Omi property, in a house of their design, natch. See it here.

Here’s photos from our visit:

This last photo is not art…it’s a sign in the parking lot.