We have both sides of the family coming to the house Saturday for a post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving meal.  I spent last weekend washing sheets and making beds, and this week finalizing the menu.  A few guests will bring desserts/sides, but Anuj and I are tackling the rest.  We’re looking forward to maximizing our kitchen ovens and counters and china to prepare a multi-course holiday meal for 10 guests (12 including us). 

First preparation mistake: not pre-ordering the turkey.  I stopped by Berry Farm a month or two ago and inquired about a turkey.  ‘Too early’, they said.  Unfortunately, I waited until last weekend to check back in.  ‘Too late,’ they said.  ‘You wanna get on the waiting list?’  ‘Uh, sure.’  The woman at the counter showed me a notebook with a list of about a dozen names.  She added mine to the bottom and I left, not holding my breath.

As an alternative, a friend who lives in Berkshire County recommeneded I try Berkshire Organics.  They collect produce and meats from local farms and deliver them in baskets to your doorstep.  This is a very cool service and I’m filing them away for future use, in the hopes I can get them to bend their ‘residents of Bekshire County’ rule.  As of yesterday, they had a turkey for us (my friend was going to collect on our behalf), but it was fresh, and they didn’t think it would last until Saturday.  Do they kill all the turkeys on the same day?

Yesterday, I scrolled through Rural Intelligence’s holiday recommendations and called McEnroe Farm.  Another great farm/market to add to my mental resource list.  They’re based in Millerton.  I called from work and the woman very nicely told me they were sold out of turkeys.  (note to Rural Intelligence: update your post!) ‘You want to get on our list?’ she asked.  I declined, deciding one wait list was enough. 

In the end, we were saved by our NYC standby, Citarella.  There’s a location in Harlem, they sell turkeys by the breast (saving Anuj from handling the giblets), they’re reasonably priced, and they still have turkeys.  I waited on hold for 15 minutes but finally got through and now have a 10-12 pound turkey breast in my name, waiting to be picked up Wednesday night.

Next year, we will go local.  And we will order on time.

Update: We got a call from Berry Farm (on Monday, on our upstate line) that they have a turkey for us!  The ‘wish list’ came through after all.  Alas, it’s too late now as Anuj is en route to picking up our bird from Citarella.  Lesson learned: hold your breath!