In this month’s Living, Etc. (a British design mag) is a spread on an absolutely dreamy house in Taconic – the town we almost bought a 50’s ranch in before finding the 1975 big n’ boxy contemporary we like to call home. The husband is an architect, and I just love how the house feels like it’s floating in the trees. I also love their design sense – those dark floors make me want to empty our place of furniture (that wouldn’t be hard) and get out some shellac. And the combination of textures and neutral colors feels really modern. Yes, there are the Saarinen and Mies van der Rohe pieces, but those are downright commonplace in the mags and blogs these days. You forget there’s a reason the pieces are so ubiquitous, and then you see them used to enviable effect here.

This house was featured in Domino Magazine (I think it was Domino) not too long ago, as well, and I’ve been wanting to find it from my Bookshelf of Magazines so I could show it off here. Funny how flipping through an imported magazine in Borders Books took care of that for me.


To view the Living, Etc. photos, click here.