I know, I know, it’s five days past Christmas, but I’m late in getting these pictures up, which were actually taken a whole ten days ago.  But I wasn’t going to let this one get by without documentation: our first Christmas tree upstate!  We decided to forego a tree in the city, and focus our efforts (and wallet) on a tree for the house.  We figured the vaulted ceilings and bare living room cried out for some life, specifically, a fresh cut pine.  Don’t ask me the type, because they weren’t marked.  At this stage in my tree buying life, I cannot tell fir from spruce; let alone scotch pine from white pine.  We ended up with the conventional, short-needled kind.


We visited a local ‘cut your own’ tree farm the weekend before Christmas.  It was the day after a huge storm had dumped 12+ beautiful inches of snow on Columbia and Berkshire County so the scene was set.  As we headed out for the farm, a light snow started to fall.  We showed up hoping for some kind of tree-cutting instructions, or at least an experienced family we could copy.  What we got was two women pointing us to a row of wheeled metal contraptions from their heated room.  Each cart had a saw and a rug mat hanging off the side.  This wasn’t difficult, but we definitely hesitated.  What was the mat for?  To kneel on, Anuj replied, as though he’d done this a hundred times.  To kneel on.  We chose the closest cart and set off into the now picked-over rows of trees.  It didn’t take long to find our beauty.


Anuj got on his mat and started sawing, while I stood back, gently dispensing advice and snapping photos.  I love this one:


We packed her up and wheeled her back.


Then brought her home for decorating.


Our first tree!


Did you notice the lights on top are out?  That was about two hours of cursing and swapping bulbs.  Definitely not in the spirit of the day, but somehow a perfect ending.