I guess we’ve been hibernating. A few changes in our household have kept us on the DL. Anuj came up to go skiing a few times last month, but I’ve been parked on our couch in the city going through tubs of ice cream and lots of oatmeal cookies.

The latest action upstate? Well, two of our living/dining room heaters broke, as in: won’t turn off.

When we arrived Friday night it was unusually cozy in here. The thermostat was set to 52, but the temperature was 62. Then yesterday it climbed up to 70 even after we turned off the thermostat. After a slightly panicked call to an electrician and some fumbling around our three breaker boxes (one in the kitchen, one in the garage, and one in the basement. is that normal?), we killed the heat in the LVR altogether until we can get the electrician out here to replace the heaters. Did I mention we have electric heat? This means our monthly electric bills reach up to $300 in the winter. This is for 3 weekends of use, mind you. Now, we haven’t been here for two weeks so who knows how big our next bill will be knowing the heaters were pumping nonstop…

Anyway, I know you’re dying to hear about how I scrubbed all the bathrooms yesterday, how Anuj vacuumed the entire house, and how I just started my first of about five loads of laundry. That’s how we roll in March. The birds are floating around the deck singing, and the daffodils are pushing through the gravel-covered dirt in the front yard (when our driveway gets plowed, half of it ends up in the flower beds). If everyone else is coming out of hibernation, we may as well, too.