A few months ago, I found this cute pillow in the sale bin at West Elm:


I tend to shy away from animal decor.  You know, the zebra rugs splayed across hardwood floors and the sheepskins tossed over dining chairs and the antlers (both real and the even newer trend: wood or plastic) hung over a fireplace.  It just feels forced.  I grew up with the head of a twelve-point buck mounted on my Dad’s office wall that he shot while hunting in the backwoods of Maine.  We called him “Chuck”.  I guess my interest began and ended there.

Anyway, the pillow.  It was a drawing of a fox and it didn’t feel forced, it was just cute.  And who knows?  Maybe we’d see a real one in the yard some day.

Well that day was yesterday:


Check him out!

He was sneaking across the yard on a mission.  No doubt headed for some poor creature to devour or just toss about for fun.