We were out with friends in NYC last night when I spotted a lonely Marais chair in the back room of the bar we were at.  I say lonely because the bar/restaurant is a grits n’ pulled pork kinda place with down-home decor.  We were hanging out in the ‘living room’ which included a fake fireplace, coffee tables and mismatched leather couches.  Then there was the Marais chair, just sittin’ in the middle of the room.  My heart did a little leap when I saw it.

I’ve been putting a mental stickie on that chair for the last year or so.  They’ve got them at the MassMoca cafe, and every now and then they show up in a magazine or blog.  So let’s just take a moment and consider the Marais:

yellow Marais chairs



I’m not a yellow girl, but I love that Lemon.

Green, too!


Here it is in the standard Gunmetal:

metal marais chairs

(Living, Etc.)

And as DWR advertises it:


This one’s sporting the arms, but aren’t they all so chic with the chunky farm tables?

This presents a dilemma – what to do about my other crush?