the bad plus

Iron Horse, Northampton, Mass.

I’ve been a fan of this jazz trio for a few years – mostly because of the crafty covers they do of rock hits like ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and ‘Heart of Glass’.  But I also love the original stuff, ‘Silence is the Question’ tears my heart out and then rhythmically nurses it back to health in an all-too-fleeting 8.12 minutes.

Now they’ve got a vocalist and a new cover of a song from my all-time favorite, live-eat-breathe-fall-asleep-with-the-headphones-on rock n’ roll band from high school: Pink Floyd.  If you didn’t think ‘Comfortably Numb’ could get any trippier…

It’s our first time seeing them live.  Can’t wait for the ships smoking on the horizon.  Also hoping they do their mind-blowing drum-scape “Physical Cities” from their last album, Prog.

Anuj is napping in preparation.  I better go join him.