I made my first etsy purchase after being seduced by a print Holly from decor8 posted a few weeks ago.  The transaction was pretty easy, and came with much personalized attention from the artist/vendor Jennifer Squires in the form of several emails confirming my selection, updating me on the ship date, requesting feedback, and generally bringing the warm and snugglies into an otherwise run-of-the-mill e-commerce transaction.

It’s funny how etsy is able to be both completely profit-driven, and yet because of its homespun/community-based mission, inspire gushy email exchanges between vendor and vendee where every sentence ends with an exclamation point.  I mean, this is a cool business model, right?  Sorta like kiva.org, except the entrepreuneurs are hipster chicks knitting scarves in Minneapolis and alt-rocker dudes hand-carving benches in Austin.  And then of course there’s Jennifer from Canada, who takes beautiful photographs that I covet immensely.  Even the venture-capital folks think etsy’s cool – to the tune of $27 million.  So I turned over my debit card without hesitation or guilt (not before checking that payroll had posted to my account).  This was a purpose-driven purchase. My spending was not shameful or profligate, something to sneak while Anuj was in the bathroom, it was noble.  I was participating in a more fair exchange of goods.  I was part of the ‘new-economy’ that connected purchaser directly to seller.

Are you convinced?

Anyway, here’s the print – which isn’t the one i originally intended to get, so perhaps a return visit is in the stars:


I do love it.  Once I get it framed, I think it will go in the jack ‘n jill bathroom upstairs.