I’m back!

I’ve actually been back since Memorial Day weekend, I just haven’t gotten my blog act together until now.  But we’ve been busy.  While my laptop and I were holed up in our little cabin in the woods, Anuj and his parents spent several days cleaning, weeding, and turning over every flower bed in our yard.  And this is no small task.  We have rose bushes and hydrangea and peonies and rhododendron and things I will never properly identify in beds all over the yard.  And we have weeds.  Lots of weeds.  For all the hours the in-laws spent yanking the weeds out of the ground, there are countless new ones shaking their dander in our faces.

We also have a new furniture project we’ve been working on for a few weeks, but I’ll wait to reveal that.

The food at MacDowell was yummy.  About five pounds too yummy.  There was a homemade dessert for every meal, and I’m not one to pass up dessert, especially when it’s got wild Maine blueberries.  Now I’m attempting to reverse the trend by getting some exercise (but continuing to eat dessert).  Saturday Anuj and I went for a 2-mile run on the roads behind our house.  And Sunday we did a small hike at Schor Conservation, 200+ gorgeous acres of Columbia Land Conservancy-owned land in Canaan, NY.

It was our first visit to Schor, a light, 2 1/2 mile walk through the woods, around a pond and up a short but steep hill to reveal stunning views of the Catskills and the Albany cityscape.


The cute pavilion for picnic lunches.


A memorial to the man who bequeathed the land to CLC: Jon Schor.


The view.





A victim of December’s ice storm:



On our way back to NYC we stopped in Rhinebeck for dinner at a place we hear advertised on WDST all. the. time.  Terrapin.  Anuj thought it was going to be a hippie burrito-type joint, but it was a bustling, family-friendly, farm-to-table bistro with a huge menu and lots of local beers.  We properly stuffed ourselves on creamy pasta dishes and then headed home.