Is this getting old?  Pasting articles about Columbia or Berkshire county from the New York Times?

Well get used to it.  We are the locus of all things cool.  (But not too cool because we don’t ever want to become like the Hamptons – overrun with J.Crew stores, members only clubs and orange-skinned socialites. In fact, please don’t come here unless your idea of cool is weeding your garden or not showering for a few days or drinking wine while sitting on a blanket in a mosquito-infested field)

Herewith, a piece on the Berkshire Fringe Festival, now five years old.  I must admit I scanned the lineup about a week ago and wasn’t interested in anything enough to buy tickets, but maybe I’m just a fringe curmudgeon, having participated in the New York Fringe myself (as staff and artist) many, many years ago.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in fringe, I support fringe, I just think more often than not, it’s the people putting on the show more than the people watching the show that are feeling the ‘high’ of the experience.  Fringe is about opportunity, ingenuity, asking your parents to help pay for your sets and programs, and a commitment to saying ‘why the hell not’ in response to everything.   (Example: ‘should we schedule a midnight performance of the all-female Oedipus and offer free Dunkin Donuts to everyone who makes it through awake?’ ‘why the hell not?’ ).  These can be a dangerous combination.

Then again, a gorilla, skunk, and unidentified pink animal jazz trio is pretty darn trippy, and probably worth every penny.