You wouldn’t know it from my posts, but we’ve actually been pretty busy this summer hitting the local fairs and festivals.  Some are on the small side, others bring folks from all over the county, some are focused on food, others on crafts, art or antiques, some are free and others have a small charge (to benefit the local volunteer fire department)…but all of them are focused on kids.  Games, clowns, magicians, storytelling, rock climbing, balloon tossing – festivals are about the kids.  Why?  Probably because it’s the best way to bring the adults in.  So when you don’t have kids…well, that leaves a lot of eating and watching birds of prey presentations.  (Let it be noted that I am now officially fascinated by birds of prey and I will be posting photos from said presentation soon.) 

As much as Anuj and I love a big blueberry breakfast, the big event of the summer for us is undoubtedly this Saturday’s First Annual Music Festival at MassMoCA.   It’s an all day/night festival starring Elvis Perkins in Dearland, Josh Ritter, Ben Kweller and more.  If you’ve read my posts, you know that MassMoCA is one of our favorite places in the area, so I’m super excited to see one of my favorite new musicians (Elvis) play there. 


Elvis is the son of Anthony Perkins, famously known for his role as Norman Bates in Hitchcock’s Psycho.  His music is mournful and soulful, but it’s not simple, and it’s definitely not sentimental.  He writes a lot about death and the philosophy of the every day.  He often brings in lots of circus-like instruments (reminding me of Neutral Milk Hotel), which adds to the ‘life is a scary magnificent mystery’ feeling of the music.

If you want to check out a few tracks from his 2007 album Ash Wednesday and his more recent self-titled album Elvis Perkins in Dearland, here’s a podcast from WAMC’s Performance Place that was broadcast yesterday.  I’ll report back after the weekend!