me and elvis

That’s me and Elvis Perkins (blush) after his set at the MassMoCA music festival.  Somehow I mustered the courage to get in line behind the teenagers and ask him for a picture.  You’ll notice i’m also wearing the festival t-shirt.  I’m a sucker for advertising.  Plus, I think the design is cool.


As expected, Elvis and his band Dearland were amazing.  We had a great time – me singing along and screaming ‘WOO HOOs’ and Anuj and our friends pretending not to know me.  The only tiny complaint was the heat.  It was insanely, unseasonably hot for the Berkshires.  But we endured and indulged in the indian food on hand which supposedly cools your body down.  The whole setup was great – props to MassMoca for putting on a first-rate music festival.  Good food, drinks, comfortable seating (we opted for the chairs and not the concrete), great sightlines – we only hope they get a bigger crowd next year.

The trombone player came into the audience to play a little solo and lead the group in a hand-holding circle that ending in everyone running around arms outstretched like they were birds.  I guess you had to be there.


The aforementioned instruments.


The crowd as Ben Kweller plays.

ben kweller

Ben himself.   We snuck in to the Sol LeWitt exhibit to snap these pics from behind and above the stage.


We’ll be back next year for more.  In the meantime, I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way I can afford Elvis’ upcoming Halloween show at Levon Helm’s place in Woodstock…