Marketplace Kitchen, a catering company and cafe based in Sheffield, Mass is opening a second cafe in Pittsfield.  It will be located on the ground level of the new movie theater that’s coming to North Street in November, a month ahead of schedule.

This news has me very excited for several reasons:

1. Pittsfield needs more businesses dedicated to local talents and resources. 

2.  The website makes specific mention of wanting a place where food could be enjoyed with friends and good tunes.  (italics mine)

3.  The cafe uses local ingredients and green products whenever possible.  They even take suggestions.

4.  They have a philosophy that includes providing wholesome food with a smile, a passion for food and fun, and working toward a healthy palette and planet.

5. Having a place to pick up fresh baklava before a movie is never a bad thing.   

6. Having a place to pick up tarts, eclairs and artisanal cheeses after a movie (or for that matter, whenever the hell you feel like it) is occasionally a bad thing, but never discouraged.

7. They even offer cooking classes.

Some things remain to be seen such as how expensive it will be, but I’m happy to welcome them to this part of the county and look forward to checking it out in November when they open.