We have a good-sized field in our backyard that’s been growing wildflowers, grass, and weeds for the past two years.  There are several reasons the previous owners may have kept (or started) the field, rather than cutting it.  Our guess is money.  The cost to mow would be enormous.  If money wasn’t their primary reason for keeping the field, it was definitely ours.  There was no way we could incorporate all that land into our yard.  We have enough yard to mow as it is.  For the record, when you’re house-hunting in the country, don’t forget the lawn factor.  Sure, it’s great to have all that space to run around but you gotta tend it, too.  Do you have two-four hours a week to dedicate to pushing a mower up and down a hill?  No?  Well then you better have the money to pay someone else to.

Anyway, we figured there would come a point when the field needed to be cut, but we weren’t sure when, or how.  This summer it started looking pretty shaggy.  A few conversations with our neighbors and some friends in the area revealed that annual mowing was the norm.  Oops.  That meant we needed to get it cut by winter or else we’d have mini-trees by spring.  Next was finding a guy with a tractor.  Not exactly the most difficult task in Columbia County.  We looked up landscapers, property managers, and land-haulers in our local paper, and narrowed our list down to two that sounded reasonable.  Anuj called the first one and made an appointment for the next day.  The guy showed up, gave an estimate that fit within our budget (having never done this before, we were going off of a made-up figure) and we shook on it.  We never even called the second guy.

The next weekend, we arrived to find a brand new yard.  Our field was gone!  It was a shock, sort of like when your Dad shaves his beard and you don’t really recognize him for the next few days.  We walked down the hill into parts of the yard I had never stepped foot on – it felt like we were seeing our property for the first time.

Before brush hogging.  Or is it bush hogging?  We weren’t (and still aren’t) quite sure which it actually is:

field before


The picture doesn’t quite convey the descent of the land to the left.  But picture the former field as green as the rest of the yard.  Which do you like better?