Will not include a turkey.  I’ll be cooking a meal for my side of the family on Saturday, two days after Thanksgiving.  We’ll be spending Thanksgiving Day at my sister-in-law’s with her Dutch in-laws where there will be a turkey and lots of other goodies.  Large families in different states (and countries) require that we split the holiday into two meals/occasions.  This turns out to be a wonderful thing.  I get to host one of the meals, which I love to do, and just show up for the other.   Then of course there’s twice the mashed potatoes and desserts…

I decided not to make a turkey since everyone will still be probably eating their leftovers from Thanksgiving Day.  And because Anuj wanted to try something different. 

So what will I be making the Saturday after Thanksgiving?  I recently got my hands on a secret family recipe from our neighbor in Harlem for this:


I’m salivating just thinking of the version our friends made a few weeks ago and have so graciously offered to pass the recipe along.  I’ve never made a brisket and I’m a bit nervous.  It takes a lot of time and prep and you end up with either a delicious, juicy brisket, or dry airline food.  It seems there’s no in between.  My neighbor has promised to walk us through the recipe step by step.  I’ll be taking copious notes.

Now I’ve just got to assemble some dishes.  Any ideas?

(Photo epicurious.com)