2009 was not the best year.  We won’t get into the details, but let’s just say the economy took a direct toll on our household(s).  After many months, things appear to have stabilized, but we’re proceeding with caution.  The passing not only of a calendar year, but an entire decade, helps us feel like we’re really starting afresh.

Before I launch into my list of non-resolutions for 2010, I thought I’d take a brief moment to recount some of the gifts the last decade has brought me.  In no particular order:

1. My graduate school education.

2. The New York debut of two of my full length plays – with pretty sweet casts.

3. My sweet, spirited niece and nephew.

4. Our Harlem apartment with killer party terrace.  It’s a rental they’ll have to drag us out of.

(that was our first summer when we were using the fold-up picnic table my grandmother made.)

5. Two amazing trips to parts of the world I never dreamed I’d visit and now dream of returning to: Japan and South Africa.

(pictures are on the computer that died last year.  someday, we may scrape together the four figures we were quoted to resuscitate it.)

6. Meeting…

…then marrying

my husband Anuj, whom I love stubbornly, dramatically and emphatically.

Update:  Anuj doesn’t understand what loving him ‘stubbornly’ means and wants me to replace it with another word.  Does anyone else understand what I mean by stubbornly or is it confusing?  I stand by the word choice, but will happily add a fourth, more commonly used descriptor of my love: Deeply.  And lest anyone mistake my love as common, I’ll throw the poetic Steadfastly into the mix.  All good?

7. My family that continues to grow through marriages and births.

8. Our first real home and only true escape.

Discovering Columbia and Berkshire county has become an obsession of unmatched pleasure and excitement for both of us.  Our friends and family can attest: we won’t shut up about it.

Now that I’ve just listed the most important people/events/moments of the last decade, I feel less crabby about the past year.  In fact, my lip is quivering and I’m feeling downright sappy.  Perspective, it’s a beautiful thing.

Happy New Year & Decade.

Oh, and as for what’s in store for 2010…I will post soon.  Right now I’d like to ride out this glow.