Not related to anything upstate, but we’re taking off for a few weeks to visit family (see some of them above) in Gujarat, India and then travel around Rajasthan.  It’s my first trip to India so I’m very excited.  Anuj is warning me about the chaos, poverty, and food/waterborne illnesses, and I’m preparing myself as much as I can, but it’s hard to know how I’ll respond to this very different part of the world until I’m actually there.  Needless to say it’s going to  be an amazing trip.

In the meantime, I’ve polled friends for a list of list must-sees and dos, and will spend a good chunk of the flight highlighting sections of our guide books.  Yes, we are going to see family, but we are still tourists and will be shamelessly wielding our cameras and wearing our hats and unattractive waterproof sport-sandals.

Maybe we’ll post a picture or two when we return.

(These lovely people will be meeting us in India – they’re family, too, just not from that side.  Actually, they are on my in-laws’ side of the family, but by marriage.  They’re the parents of Anuj’s sister’s husband.  They’re also Dutch.  All clear?)