On the heels of my store-fantasizing yesterday, read this article in today’s New York Times about a couple in their late 30’s who live in a 750-square foot Chelsea apartment during the week, and a restored 1840 post-and-beam farmhouse on 13 acres in the Catskills on weekends. 

When Misha Mayers, the wife and mother to adorable twins, lost her Ralph Lauren job after returning from maternity leave (nightmare), she decided to open a vintage clothing store called Clementine, that she runs on weekends (dream).  

Okay, so I’m fudging the facts slightly, as they actually had the store before Misha was laid off, but decided to expand it by opening an online store which ended up saving them financially.  I think I’ve changed the order of events so they’d fit the way I imagine it will happen for me someday.  You know, when I have twins and then get laid off and then open my refinished furniture / Indian textile store somewhere in Columbia or Berkshire County.  Ahem.

To Clementine:

Look how beautiful it is…

Are we in Soho or the Catskills here?!

Dreams can come true, people.

(again, article  can be found here)