Thanks to The 12534 for posting today’s NY Times article on performance artist Marina Abramovic’s country house in Malden Bridge, NY. 

As soon as Abramovic’s star-shaped house showed up in the Times slideshow, I knew it was a Dennis Wedlick home.  They’re remarkably disctinctive, often featuring sharp drops in rooflines, unexpected shapes, and playful takes on traditional colonial architecture.  His book The Good Home was my first purchase at Berkshire Books soon after buying our place upstate.   

I saw my first Wedlick house in person last year when visiting friends down the road who recently underwent a Dennis Wedlick renovation of their own that will undoubtedly make its way into some illustrious architectural magazine in the near future.  The place is gorgeous: tasteful, understated, and full of clever surprises (like the double-sided stone fireplace that bisects the sitting room and master bedroom).

The 3,400 square-foot “star house” – originally built for a doctor – is definitely one of the stars in The Good Home, and after putting $250,000 worth of renovations into making it ‘less heavy’ we’re lucky enough to see how Abramovic made it her own.

PS Marina’s MoMA retrospective opens next weekend.  Check it out here.

Photos: Bruce Buck for The New York Times