Former Martha Stewart Living editorial director Margaret Roach will be coming to NYC this week to participate in an Apartment Therapy Design Meetup.  Remember her kitchen?

Margaret writes the super friendly and informative gardening blog A Way to Garden (she even has a category for ‘Beginners’ like me) and will be sharing design tips and gardening advice at the Meetup on Wednesday.

If I get my act together with this whole gardening thing come spring, I’m guessing Margaret’s blog will be go-to resource.  Note to self: plan a visit to her garden next time she does a tour!

Margaret writes:, born March 2008, is the latest horticultural incarnation of me, Margaret Roach, with my own words and photographs (taken here in my Hudson Valley, New York, garden) as its DNA. You can visit 24/7/365 online, or come visit on tour or workshop days.

The blog is named for a book I wrote early in my garden career, and in the life of my garden. “A Way to Garden” was named best garden book of 1998 by the Garden Writers Association of America, and is now a collector’s item.

I have been writing about gardening for more than 20 years; in my previous lives I was garden editor at Newsday (one of the country’s largest dailies) and then for Martha Stewart where I was the first garden editor of Living and later editorial director of the magazines, books and internet.

I “retired” in 2008 (at a very young age, thank you) to my 2.3-acre garden, bordering on the Berkshires of Massachusetts. I walked away from a fancy job and “success” to explore personal creativity again — something executives don’t get to do much between meetings.”