So it’s been a few weeks.

We had a weekend in Louisville with friends, and fell in love with the architecture, bourbon and eco-business sensibility of the city.

New restaurants and shops are popping up in LEED buildings, visual and performing arts are in abundance, and the beignets are really, really good.

Churchill Downs was closed, but we drove up and peeked through the gates.  We’d love to return for a horse race someday.

Louisville was followed by the weekend of the killer windstorm upstate (actually, it hit the entire northeast).  I have never been in winds that loud or strong.  It was terrifying.  Between about one and three a.m. I lay panicked in bed convinced our windows were going to blow in.  The poor walls were quivering like a saw.  It wasn’t just the intensity of the storm that scared me – it was the relentlessness.  All night long that wind blew.  Some county workers came by our neighbor’s house sometime around two a.m. with a chainsaw.   Apparently one of their trees had fallen into the road.

In the morning, we woke to find our bird feeder had come off its post, a few small trees were down, branches were strewn about the yard, and a few of our deck cushions had wedged themselves into the bushes of our property line a good 2 acres away.

Now two weeks later, it has been the most beautiful weekend I can remember.  Spring has never hit me with such warmth and hope as it did this weekend.  Seventy-five degrees on April 3rd!  Daffodils pushing their way out of the ground.  Bright sun.  Clean air.  We opened every window of the house and blasted the New Pornographers and the Grateful Dead (strange combination, but it worked).  I baked an Easter cake.

Which we enjoyed with friends in Lenox today.

After a delicious arugula, grapefruit and radish salad.

Followed by lavender infused rack of lamb, scallops, potato gratin and barbecued vegetables.

We are full, tired and happy.