Ladies and gents, Wilco is returning to the Berkshires. 

August 13-15 they will be headlining MassMoCA’s 3 day Solid Sound Festival – and this year looks to be a smorgasbord of activities.  Not only will Wilco be performing 2 nights, but each band member will be presenting fun workshops, demonstrations and performances of their side projects.  This is in keeping with the festival’s new direction, where in addition to music (last year I got my Elvis Perkins fix) and local food/booze, MassMoCA is promising “comedy, art, interactivity and more”.  Wilco and video installations I’m down with, but I’m not sure how I feel about Wilco and comedy.  Can someone explain how these go together?

Tickets go on sale this Friday and they are steep, but I have yet to see them live, never mind upstate (Anuj caught them at Tanglewood a few years ago).

Having recently re-discovered Pandora, I must now go create a Wilco station.