Did I mention I don’t like white sideboards  ’cause I find them too shabby chic?

I lied.

This is Michelle Adams’ sideboard featured in this month’s Lonny.

I love it – not just because she has it professionally styled, and not just because of the ostrich wallpaper (although those things do help – I’m terrible at styling and could really use a Styling for Dummies).   I love Michelle’s sideboard for the same reasons I loved white painted furniture 15 years ago.  It’s casual, and beautiful, and authentic (as opposed to the ubiquitous veneers). 

Here is my sideboard last summer momentarily painted Gray Owl (a very white-gray).

After about 5 minutes of consideration, Anuj and I rejected the white for fear our home would scream ‘country’ circa 1992, and decided to go in a darker, more dramatic direction.   (Note the country circa 1992 candle holders.  Case in bad-styling point.) 

I love my sideboard.  But I’m just sayin’, Michelle Adams has changed (no, revived!) my position on white painted furniture.