About two weeks ago Anuj and visited Beebe Hill State Forest so we could check out the Fire Tower, known for its spectacular 360 degree views.

I don’t have much history to report about the Fire Tower, I think we were more concerned with getting to the top than stopping the whole two minutes it would’ve taken to read about it.  I know there’s a cool story, let’s leave it at that.

It’s a quick hike to the Tower (about a mile each way) with a bit of an incline near the top that required a brief pit stop for one member of our party to rehydrate.

Along the way, we saw dozens of (fiddlehead?) ferns, some wild raspberry bushes, a toad, fallen trees, and a stone wall I was compelled to photograph.  I love me my stone walls.

After climbing half a dozen flights of stairs up an increasingly narrow steel frame, you reach the tower’s reputation.

It was slightly hazy the day of our visit, but you get the picture.

We took it all in with three local teenagers attempting to conquer their fear of heights (one poor kid made it to the top but couldn’t quite reach a standing position, opting to cling to the railings with his eyes glued shut), and then wound back down the tower for lunch.

Anuj is sporting our nifty picnic backpack, complete with refrigeration pouch and wine bottle holder on the side.  I promised him no one would see him carry it.