Samascott Farm, known primarily as an apple orchard, gets a shout-out in a NY Times article today about the rise in popularity of local beef at NYC greenmarkets.

Speaking of local meat, the farm I couldn’t remember the name of that has the best breakfast sausage I’ve ever had and super tasty ground beef?  Pigasso Farm.  No website, but they sell their pasture-raised meat at the Hudson Farmer’s Market, or you can order up a dish at local restaurants like Route 7 Grill. 

BBQ Billy gives a detailed account of the Pigasso pork shoulder he recently cooked up for some friends. 

The result was an absolutely delicious-looking pulled pork sandwich.  Billy’s methodical approach to brining, marinating, smoking, grilling and baking has me drooling in awe and envy.  Check out his homemade french baguette rolls!

Photos: NYTimes, BBQ Billy