Here’s a taste of our trip to Maine.  We seem to take the same pictures every year, but it simply can’t be helped.

More dramatic mist.

From the top of the lighthouse.

The sign originally said: “Park your cans outside, or wind up in the ice house.”  (I’m not so good at resizing the vertical pics.)

A fellow Scotsman heralding “Tea by the Sea” – an annual fundraiser for the island library.

We opted for “Bourbon Punch by the Sea.”

Some J. Crew model I picked up in shore.

Cocktail hour.

My favorite house on the island.  Rockwell Kent built this for his mother.  What a nice boy.



On our way home, I took a picture out of the car as we passed the crazy line outside Red’s, only to read about it a few days later (didn’t snap fast enough to get the line, but I got the sign).  I’ve never had one of their legendary lobster rolls, so I can’t speak to the hype.

Maybe next year.