Here’s one event we won’t be attending this summer: Wilco’s Solid Sound festival.

And what an event it will be.  It seems the Berkshires has never seen anything like it: a 3-day long music/art/comedy extravaganza, 6,000 fans, a few dozen tour buses, and the attendant port-a-potties.

Every other Facebook update seems to be about the impending awesomeness that we will be missing.

And then there’s this:

They added a Wilco sign to match and stand opposite the MassMoCA sign!

When does that happen?  I mean, really.  Did they erect a sign for Sol LeWitt?  No.

That is just very, very cool.

Also cool: this poster by Nicole Blauw Design

Do I buy it even if I’m not there?  It seems wrong.

If you’re a poster lover (we’ve started making our kitchen a poster gallery), you’re in luck.  Over the weekend, MassMoCA will display a collection of past and present Wilco concert posters, as well as a demonstration by Wilco poster collaborator Ghost-Town Design.

Wilco, I hate to miss you, especially when you’re in our backyard.  Why’d you have to be so expensive?

More on the festival line-up here.