The October issue of House Beautiful features the Hudson, NY home of Peter Frank, veteran catalog stylist for Pottery Barn and Garnet Hill.  At some point, a discerning publisher will put out a book on the interiors (and exteriors) of Hudson.

There’s a lot about this piece I like beyond the images.  It was the first HB interview I’ve read in a long time that felt like the home was truly lived in, by a real person.  You know how the high-end shelter mags don’t always reveal who the mysterious homeowner is?  Or how the interiors are sometimes a little too staged, a little too sterile, a little too not lived in? This one doesn’t feel like that.  Peter Frank did not sit down with a designer and choose all his furniture and art over lunch.  For one thing, he didn’t use a designer.  He has a great eye, which is why he’s a stylist.  And he’s filled his home with artwork by friends, antiques of all periods, and even leftovers from photo shoots.  His home is an accumulation of pieces and ideas; an aesthetic built over time, not bought or planned.  As Frank says, his style is ‘accidental’.  I love that.  To me, it’s the most honest, meaningful and interesting approach to making a house your home.

Now for the eye candy.

Soapstone counters.

Four-season porch.

Front hall.

Back hall.

Cookbooks in a closet.

Knoll leather chair and white ceramic pitchers in the dining room.