This house tour makes two design*sponge posts in one week.  I love this “Madmen in the Country” approach to design in nearby Ghent, and was pretty excited to discover the owner is someone I’ve had bookmarked for over a year now.  You see, Teng, along with a few other crafty folks in the blogosphere, have come up with a way to elevate the rather bland, inelegant IKEA Rast to a piece of chic modern furniture.   So I ripped them off and did my own IKEA hack of the Rast this year.

To the house tour.

Gray walls and white trim?  Check.

Sputnik chandelier?  Been thinking about it.  Now confirmed a brilliant move in the country.

Stacks of books atop old peeling painted furniture?  Check.  Now I just need the kitschy art.  (Though Anuj would never allow it).

Ikea hack bedside table?  Check.  Dwell sheets?  Someday.

Many of the funky-cool items in Eric and partner Joe’s home (including the “Bring It On” print above) were found at Hudson Supermarket, a treasure trove of a store that sells everything from Louis XV chairs upholstered in burlap sacks to $30,000 Buddha statues.  Then there’s the little cafe tucked away in the back serving possibly the best Mexican food in the Hudson Valley.  Visit.

More pics of Eric Teng’s Ghent home here.