Etsy’s coming.

That’s right.  Etsy’s coming to Hudson, NY. 

Head on over to Sam Pratt’s blog for the deets, but the jist is, they’re opening an outpost in Hudson where they’ll employ upwards of 50 people.

Here’s the thing: I work next to Etsy.  Last year they moved their office next to mine in Brooklyn.  Let me amend that, it started as an office.  Now it’s turning into a headquarters.  Staff and office size has seemed to double.  Don’t be surprised if my little startup is packing it up in the next few months because Etsy has decided they want our corner spot (if I crane my neck I can see the onramp of the Brooklyn Bridge). 

In the meantime, I stand aside as the happy-kitschy-meta-retro-post-craftsters pile in and out of the elevator every day.  I drool as the organic feasts roll into their office on “eatsy” Wednesdays.  I attempt to pilfer their mid-century furniture left in the hall as they renovate their offices with reclaimed wood floors (the building is otherwise concrete and no, I didn’t get the orange couch).  Oh yeah, and I shop the hell out of their site.

Have you seen their offices?  I once stopped by a craft class just to scope them out. 



And now they’re coming to Hudson.  So tell me: is this destiny or is Etsy stalking me?