Last weekend we went for a winter hike at Ooms Conservation Area in Chatham.

The draw was seeing ‘snowshoe art’ being made by Sonja Hinrichsen.  We didn’t realize we’d have to hike nearly the entire 2+ mile trail, in 2+ feet of snow to see the art.

But it was a gorgeous day, and after the pancake breakfast the day before, I figured my thighs would appreciate the workout.  By mile .25, I was out of breath and shedding clothing.

The other folks did the sensible thing, like wear snowshoes and bring poles.

About halfway around the pond, Anuj had a religious experience.

While I was attempting to make some art of my own.

Then we arrived at the real art (including the photography – it’s by Peter Blandori):

I thought my photos were good until I saw Peter’s.  It was a brilliant, bright day, and yet my photos are dark and dreary.  What the heck.

More of Peter’s photos here.