“It takes willpower to do nothing.”  So says Matthew Malin, half of the skincare duo (in business and life) Malin + Goetz.   Last week, the NY Times did a tour of the 1800’s Kinderhook farmhouse Andrew Goetz and Matthew Malin purchased in March.

I like that they don’t “spend their weekends decorating.”  They read, nap, and have dinner at the neighbors’.

I remember accidentally discovering their Chelsea shop years ago.  I think they had just opened.  I bought some moisturizer for me and shaving cream for Anuj.   There was a big, friendly bulldog at the shop door accepting compliments and scratches from everyone who entered.

I love the packaging of their products.   All white with simple, brightly colored lettering.

Btw, I think we share a lawn caretaker with Malin and Goetz.  And yes, the quotes can be jaw dropping.

Read the story here.

See the full tour here.

All photos Nathaniel Brooks for the NYTimes.