I picked up this pair of lamps last weekend at my favorite vintage furniture store.

I love the burlap shades and milk glass details.

My plan is to spraypaint the wood and strip the brass plating with oven cleaner.   Yep, oven cleaner.  The blogisphere tells me that’ll work.

Will they stay in the dining room?  Who knows.  For now, they flank the bar nicely.

In 2nd floor news, Anuj painted the trim on the windows with house favorite White Dove.

We’ll finish the insides when it’s warmer and we can open the windows.

The next question for this room is what fabric to use for shades.  I was having troubling deciding what color direction to go in to offset the I-wish-they-were-grayer walls.  The truth is, I don’t hate the blue as much as I did two weeks ago.  So I taped up a few black and white swatches.

On the other window, I taped up a few brown/cream swatches.  (note: these pics were taken when the trim was primed, not yet painted)

The browns were nice, but confirmed for us that black/white is the way to go.

Excited about getting some projects underway.