Not too far from us lies the town of East Chatham.  Blink and you’ve driven through it.  But drive through it you must to get to and from the Taconic, to pick up your mail, or to grab a bottle of Pinot Noir from East Chatham Wines.

This week, the NYTimes opened the door to filmmaker Courtney Hunt and husband Donald Harwood’s new (old) Greek Revival home in East Chatham, where we find a light-filled sanctuary.  Courtney is a bit of a local celebrity here, having written and directed the independent film and critical darling Frozen River. She earned an Academy award nomination for the original screenplay, and Melissa Leo earned her first of two Academy award nominations for best actress (did you catch her profanity-laced acceptance speech at this year’s awards?  She was great in The Fighter).

Hunt is currently developing a project for Focus Features and contemplating the big event up here in these parts: no, not another awards season.  Mud season.

The light.

The floors.

Understated elegance.

A kitchen suited to both cookie-baking and screenplay-writing.  I recommend doing them simultaneously.

Grass and glass.

All photos here.  Short article here.

Photos by Nathaniel Brooks for The New York Times