Spent the weekend in the garden getting the veggies in: cukes, yellow squash, cilantro, swiss chard, bush beans, habanero peppers, basil.  This will be our second year with a vegetable garden, and while last year was an encouraging start (no deer or rabbits!), we didn’t eat everything we grew which wasn’t entirely surprisingly but disappointing nonetheless.  I definitely need to work on my planning: we had so much romaine we could’ve opened a farm stand but I’m afraid we wouldn’t have had any repeat customers.  The stuff just wasn’t good.  Was it the type of romaine?  Was soil not the right ph?  Is romaine just a bad idea in Columbia County?  I’ll never know.

But I’m back again, not so much a glutton for punishment as a perfectionist determined to get this gardening thing right.  I tend to be a hands-on learner.  Sure, I’ve got my gardening books and magazines piled up all over the house, but until I’m out there digging and planting, it doesn’t fully register.  I was afraid I’d hate gardening because I figured I wouldn’t be any good at it, but no one is bad at weeding, and as it turns out, I like weeding.  I put in a good three hours on Sunday.  Same with last weekend.  Granted, we have a lot of ground to cover, but I wasn’t grumpy about it and the time flew by.  Today however, I’m grumpy, as I’ve been branded with a painful, ridiculous-looking sunburn on my lower back / upper butt where my t-shirt crept up.  Is that why longtime gardeners wear the sunhats and lightweight long sleeve button-down shirts?

What else….

  • Anuj and I celebrated our 5-year wedding anniversary Friday night at Swoon in Hudson.  Drinks = delish.  Food = fresh and tasty.  Service = strangely lacking considering it was only about half-full.
  • The weekend before, we hit the Berkshire International Film Festival and saw a great doc about the NYTimes called Page One.
  • The peonies bloomed about two weeks ago – I cut as many as I could before leaving the rest to keel over onto the lawn.
  • I started my new job at Time Inc.  A totally different industry for me but I’m enjoying it so far.
  • We took a quick trip to Madrid before I started – it was my first trip to Spain and I took to the lifestyle quite nicely.