A friend introduced me to a new site this week: upstater.

“Revamped modern in Willow, NY

It’s real estate porn for the Catskills, Columbia County, and several other neighboring towns and counties in New York.  Here’s a quote from their website:

Upstater was started by Alia Hanna Habib and Lisa Selin Davis, two, er, Brooklynites with hearts, mortgages, leases and legacies in Upstate New York. They met by the side of a salt water pool with a view of the Catskills in Germantown, New York. Priced out of real estate in their own Park Slope neighborhood, they began to gawk at and dream of more northerly real estate, and invite you to join them to learn more about living, buying, renting and vacationing in Upstate New York.

Two ladies after my own heart.

“Creekside Phoenician farmhouse with converted barn

I dove right into the site, clicking through the archives and playing the ‘what if’ game.  What if we had a place with a creek in the backyard?  What if we had a barn?  What if we had a working farm with a few dozen chickens and six Kashmir goats?  After an hour or so imagining the alternate lives we could be living, I force-closed the browser and asked myself the question this game inevitably leads to: If we were starting the second home search all over again – would we choose the same town?  The same house?

Homes in Kripplebush, NY

I think the answer is yes, but real estate porn can trick you into thinking there’s always something better.  A better deal, a better house, a better setting.  That will never stop me from looking.  I’d say I browse the local real estate office websites every couple of months.  And while there’s a lot to fantasize about, there’s also just A LOT.  There are way more homes for sale in Columbia and Berkshire county right now than when we were house hunting in 2007.  This is great for prospective buyers, but panic-inducing for recent buyers like us who are watching the value of their home drop month after month.  This is speculation, of course, I don’t know for sure if or how much the value of our home has fallen, but all signs indicate that it has.  Thankfully we’re not looking to sell anytime soon – that is, unless I can get Anuj to go for this adorable creek side bungalow.

More listings on upstater.