(I know the song is actually Come On Eileen, but we’ve been singing it with Irene all weekend, so humor me.)

We decided to ride out Hurricane Irene in NYC this weekend.  I can’t remember the last time we spent a full weekend here – despite the ominous gray skies and weatherman imploring everyone to stay home, we took a walk last night over to the Columbia neighborhood for a beer, and then walked back for some dinner closer to our place.  There were actually a good number of people out.  Like us, they were probably curious and a little bit stir crazy.  Two days stuck in an apartment isn’t easy.  Thankfully the electricity didn’t go out, so we got to watch The Trip and a plow through a couple of tubs of Haagen Dazs.

As for the actual storm, it was an altogether unexciting event – some wind, bouts of hard rain – and the sun was shining by 11:30am this morning.  We’re just hoping no trees came down upstate.

We have one more summer weekend upstate and I’m already feeling anxious about all the things we didn’t do.  No theater.  No Tanglewood.  No MassMoCA.  No tennis.   What did we do?

We hiked.

We entertained.

We harvested blueberries from our backyard.

We had not one, but two delicious meals at Nudel.

We expanded our cocktail-making abilities.

We swam.

We grew cucumbers, squash and green beans in our garden.

We grilled tandoori chicken for the first time.

We were guests at a couple of really delicious dinner parties.

And, I completely overhauled a pair of side chairs (not quite finished…).

Now fall is upon us and with it, country fairs and festivals.  I’ve started to update the website with a list of them, but don’t be surprised if come November I’m posting about my guilt surrounding all the fall activities we missed.  I definitely have a tendency to overbook our weekends, partially because there’s so much to do, and partially because it’s where I most enjoy myself these days.  I think Anuj would prefer we stay home more, but as soon as read about X festival or hear that Y is free to get together, I’m calculating how I can squeeze it all in.  I’m realizing that our life upstate involves a level of activity I haven’t had in NYC for ages.