You may be wondering where we’ve been for the past few months.  The “What’s Doing” sidebar hasn’t been updated since December.  I do know that and I’m sorry.  You see, we haven’t been upstate very much since the holidays.  We’ve been in the city – busily preparing for our new addition.

Yes, folks, Anuj and I are soon to become a family of three.  We are adopting a little boy from India.  I won’t say too much more because there are still many unknowns, but I can tell you that we’re thrilled, and that we hope he’ll be home by the summertime.  I’m dreaming of taking to him to the beach, to Tanglewood, to the farmer’s market…of showing him everything we love about our life upstate and helping him form his own special attachment to the area.

So you’ll forgive me if my mind isn’t currently here with the blog – it’s completely consumed with pediatricians and cribs and Parenting 101 books.  Wish us luck!