Dennis Wedlick does it again.  You’ve seen the “star house” up in Malden Bridge.  Now he’s introduced the prototype of his Hudson Passive Project.  It’s an energy efficient home over in Claverack that relies on design rather than technology to heat and cool it.

And look at the design.

I’m sure the air tight insulation and air filtration systems will excite the efficiency geeks among us, but I’m more interested in the look of the place.  It’s a modern take on a barn, with a stone exterior, timber frame, and pops of burgundy.

The shape of these beams reminds me of the hull of a boat.

Wedlick homes often incorporate dramatic rooflines and/or nontraditional footprints – be it curved walls, a Y-shaped house or a six-pointed star-shaped house (see Abramovic).

I’m loving the walls of pine and glass.  And those Eames dowel leg chairs.

This entry is perfect.

Oh, and it’s for sale for $595,000 if you’re interested in coming up for a real tour.

More pics here and here.

NY Times article here.

Dennis Wedlick website here.  Hudson Passive Project here.

Photos: Nathaniel Brooks for the New York Times